Skyline Buttress Area

The approach to ‘Skyline Buttress Area’ is a navigational challenge. However, when finally discovered, the Skyline Butress Area will impress even the most prudent observer. Specifically, ‘Skyline Buttress’ and ‘Afterburner Wall’ are separate crags, within the same area, with both being close to the summit of Gallt yr Ogof (Snowdonia National Park).

The climbing on both ‘Skyline Buttress’ and ‘Afterburner Wall’ is mostly in the higher grades. However, further down the hillside are several other craglets (Sheepbone Crag, Red Slab, Craig y Gelynen, Hebog Buttress, and Dolphin Buttress), with easier grade climbs. 

Skyline Buttress

Afterburner Wall