Forte Strapiombo, Clogwyn y Bustach

Forte Strapiombo, Clogwyn y Bustach,
Nantgwynant Area

Clogwyn y Bustach is a cliff ripe for adventure. ‘Forte Strapiombo’ skirts the main overhang on Clogwyn y Bustach, to then climb a large crack in the headwall (see photograph above). 
Gustav and I finished off a great week by climbing ‘Forte Strapiombo’ on Clogwyn y Bustach (Nantgwynant Area of Snowdonia). The rock on ‘Forte Strapiombo’ demands caution, which made it an exhilarating climb. Irrespective of the grade, ‘Forte Strapiombo’ on Clogwyn y Bustach is definitely one of the best routes I have climbed so far in 2012.

Afon Glaslyn, Nantgwynant Area