Colossus Wall Area, Llanberis Slate

It turned into a good day. Ben and I began by both leading the Horsin’ Around Finish to ‘Horse Latitudes’, which is described as a pushy climb. The route definitely required good footwork and deserves its two star rating. We both then led ‘Bella Lugosi is Dead’, which is another two star route. The route takes a crack line up a blank slab and can be well protected with small wires and cams. The crux is near the top and again required good footwork. ‘Horse Latitudes’ and ‘Bella Lugosi’ are two excellent routes that are within a few metres of each other.

After this we walked up to the looning the tube area of Australia. I led ‘Looning the Tube’ for the first time and found it quite thin, but it was good. Ben then led ‘Goose Creature’ E3 6a. What a good effort from Ben! After this he also led ‘Zzzooming the Tube’ E3 6a, topping out in the dark. Good times. 

Andrew McQue crabbing upwards on
the slate classic 'Bella Lugosi is Dead'

Andy McQue on
'Looning the Tube'