Learning Opportunity: A New Perspective

Because training at the bouldering gym has become more intense, the rest periods have become more important, which is essential to the development of muscles, joints, and blood vessels. I found this out the hard way, strictly speaking, the tiring way. The focus required to push bouldering has however helped me to remain focussed for the duration of the exam period (5 exams in total), which has now ended, and I can go on and enjoy the summer. Admittedly, the focus from training has supplemented academic learning, less this, then body awareness at least.

There is definitely a body intelligence required for bouldering, which is open to interpretation and more. Observed from the outside, it’s progress, it’s continuous, and it’s high energy. In this way, awareness of body movement, specifically executive body movement, is inventive, with motivation becoming invention and invention becoming motivation. So get psyched to learn body movement, it’s definitely a human thing.

First stop then, with regard to the summer, is Single Pitch Award (SPA) training, which starts next week. This is something I am looking forward to, with the training long overdue. I’m definitely feeling open and receptive to the type of learning that mountain leader training (MLT) requires. So for now, academic books have been exchanged for MLT Handbooks. Rock ‘n’ Roll, it’s on, so push yourself forward.