Sea Cave Zawn, Rhoscolyn

Near to the old Coast Guard lookout post, good climbing can be found in the main. The Lookout Crags consist of ‘Llawder’s Red Wall’, ‘Fallen Block Zawn’, and the statuesque ‘Sea Cave Zawn’. Both Sea Cave Zawn and Llawder are non-tidal, but consideration should be given to windy, heavy seas, which may affect climbing. Otherwise, the rock is there to give good climbing.

On Sea Cave Zawn, some people have acquired the natural skill at being in the right place at the right time - The line of ‘Electric Blue’ traverses the arch proper, which is a voyage to remember as a deep-water solo. Also, the small headland on the side of Sea Cave Zawn has inviting crack climbs, namely ‘Baggers Crack’ and ‘Triffids’.

Sea Cave Zawn