Nothing succeeds like success! You can and will be successful! You are successful! This is positive psychology at the very least, but what is success? Is success unique to each and every individual? Do our ideas of success change over time and are those ideas of success influenced by the people we meet and interact with? Is success not what you perceive to be success, but instead what other people think and say about you? Irrespective of how success is measured, there is a lot to get out of life if you want to succeed.

For some people, if not all, success begins outside of the comfort zone. Advancing this, in whatever it is you successfully pursue, proactively managing fatigue will continue to maintain your success. It is said that knowledge is learning something every day and wisdom is letting go of something every day. Success, therefore, may be learning something new everyday and letting go of something everyday. This will certainly be unique to each and every individual.

Go on, empower yourself, and succeed in what you do. 

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