Mallory’s Ridge – Snowdonia

Ben Ryle - Mallory's Ridge
It was thought that George Mallory’s first British climbing was undertaken in Snowdonia in 1907. However, in 2009, a firm of solicitors found some bound volumes, which contained accounts of a trip to Ben Nevis in 1906. Mallory had two companions with him on that trip, Guy Leach and Graham Irving. Graham Irving wrote the entire account of the 1906 Ben Nevis trip, detailing the second winter ascent of the northeast buttress of Ben Nevis, first climbed by Naismith and others 10 years before.
A return to Snowdonia in 1911 resulted in ‘Mallory’s Ridge’ on Y Garn. ‘Mallory’s Ridge’ acquired a notorious reputation due to both its difficulty and looseness, which has tottering pinnacles and a wobbly alpinesque ridge leading to the summit of Y Garn. Overall, the route amounts to a fine mountaineering excursion.

Ben Ryle nearing the top of Mallory's Ridge