Fluted Buttress – Craig Cwm Du

"Professionally we're definitely in this together" - Rebekah Brooks

The alpinesque 'Adam Rib' 

Craig Cwm Du

The intention was to scramble up a route called ‘Bear Buttress’, but we ended up on a climb on Fluted Buttress with only a stripped down scrambling rack. Our approach shoes would have been useful for scrambling on ‘Bear Buttress’, but for climbing on Fluted Buttress they were useless. With imaginary belays, vertical heather, and loose rock that was merely glued together with lichen, we clawed our way through unchartered terrain when it was safe to do so. Ben got the biggest medal for a memorable lead on pitch four. On a positive note, near the top of our climb, we did manage to get a nice view of the surrounding area, as well as a good view of ‘Adam Rib’, which lies adjacent to Fluted Buttress. Back at base camp, over a brew, it became apparent from reading the guidebook (Cwm Silyn & Cwellyn), that there is only one recorded climb on Fluted Buttress, that being the Knight’s Move Climb. After reading the description for Knight’s Move Climb, it became further apparent that we hadn’t climbed Knight’s Move Climb. Thus, from something that started off so benign, a scramble on ‘Bear Buttress’, it had turned into a loose mountaineering excursion of considerable character. The route that we climbed is so ungradable that it will not be featuring in the new guidebook.

Ben Ryle on the memorable fourth pitch

Fluted Buttress