'Kestrel Cracks' & 'Meshach', Tremadog

Ben and I decided to have an afternoon climb at Tremadog. I got to choose the first route and opted for ‘Kestrel Cracks’ HVS 5a, which did not disappoint. ‘Kestrel Cracks’ forms part of Neb Buttress and is easily identifiable from the road, which is probably why I picked the route. Ben led the first pitch of Kestrel Cracks, which climbs a groove up to an overhang (large cam required). The overhang is overcome by climbing around it on the right and is a bit of a fight, but can be climbed using a variety of techniques. I then led the upper main pitch, which does require a bit of a tussle to overcome an awkward corner that throws you out rightwards. Kestrel Cracks was a good route overall and is definitely credible of its two-star rating.

It was Ben’s choice of route next and he opted for a Tremadog favourite: ‘Meshach’ HVS 5a. Meshach is located on Shadrach Buttress, which is overshadowed by the imposing Vector Buttress. I led the first pitch of Meshach, which has a neat step-down traverse. Ben then led the second pitch, which was excellent climbing on good rock. The second pitch of Meshach definitely requires good balance and a steady head from the leader. Overall it was good afternoon climbing with Ben and I would definitely recommend ‘Kestrel Cracks' and ‘Meshach’. Could this be the start of an unbreakable climbing partnership?

Ben just below the overhang on
pitch 1 of 'Kestrel Cracks'