Grooved Rib, Craig Ddu (Llanberis Pass)

I just want to mention a little bit about Gustav who has been my climbing partner for the past week. Gustav is from Sweden and is currently travelling in the UK with the aim of visiting as many places as he can before he goes back home in June. So far Gustav has had a great week in North Wales with the weather being completely favourable. After only one day of climbing with Gustav he makes it clear to me that in the future he wants to live in North Wales. It has been good to climb with Gustav and he has been telling me all about the climbing and mountaineering that takes place in Sweden. Gustav has been very impressed with the quality of guidebooks that we use and tells me that in Sweden it is customary just to talk to the locals if you want to discover some climbs in the local area.

Anyhow, back to the climbing in North Wales. Gustav and I headed to Llanberis Pass for a few hours in the afternoon. ‘Grooved Rib’ lies on the right-hand side of the black crag (Craig Ddu) and turned out to be a good route. The rock was magnificent to climb on, especially in the warm sun, and it was a great feeling to be climbing in a t-shirt in March. 

'Grooved Rib', Craig Ddu,
Llanberis Pass