Fever, Craig Ddu, Llanberis Pass

Gustav and I headed for the black crag (Craig Ddu). Specifically, we decided to climb a route called ‘Fever’, which is located on the right-hand side of Yellow Wall. I had climbed ‘Yellow Groove’ in the past, which was a good climb, and so I was trying to search further for some more hidden gems.

‘Fever’ offers good climbing with an awesome groove that could easily dupe the cautious. The first pitch climbs up to a hanging boss of rock, traverses below its roof, and then enters into the main groove itself. At the bottom of the groove there is an element of uncertainty as handholds are sparse and it looks like there are no gear placements until you eventually push up with your feet. It requires technical climbing and nothing else will suffice. The second pitch was also good value, but required some early season gardening. 

Gustav at the top of pitch 2, 'Fever',
Craig Ddu, Llanberis Pass