Craig Pant Ifan (Upper Tier), Tremadog

Today I was climbing at Craig Pant Ifan with Steve Joynson and Ben Ryle. Pant Ifan is said to offer clean, geometric lines that are stark and compelling in their simplicity. The aim for us was to consolidate skills and prepare for the season ahead. I only forgot to bring screwgates, slings, and belay plate, which were all packed away in storage along with my winter equipment! Despite the cool conditions on the day, the rock friction turned out to be good.

Steve and I started off on the upper tier where Steve led 'Madog' as a warm-up. I then led 'Rammer's Route' which was a neat little climb. Ben then joined us and he led 'Quatre Fois Direct', which was another good climb on compact rock. We then decided to walk over to the top of Two Face Buttress and abbed down the line of 'Stromboli'.

I led 'Stromboli' which finished off a good day. The crack in the slab section on pitch two of Stromboli had sprouted some vegetation of an intense green nature, which I suppose reflects some of the novel warm weather we have had recently, not least a warm winter. It may have been that I was paying extra attention on Stromboli, which turned out to be a reasonable climb, despite its deceiving appearance (geometric lines that were stark and compelling). If you plan to climb Stromboli take cognisance as there are a few blind holds which are not noticeable from certain positions.

Ben Ryle on 'Quatre Fois Direct'