‘Kaisergebirge Wall’, ‘Wind’, and ‘Karwendel Wall’ (Clogwyn y Grochan)

Constantly Make Progress (ConMakPro). Have you got the ConMakPro factor?

Indeed, it was another good day climbing on Clogwyn y Grochan with Martyn. We had previously climbed Brant Direct and couldn't wait to get back there for some more 'good climbing'. Today, however, unlike our previous visit, the weather was cool and breezy, which gave ideal climbing conditions. 

We initially climbed Kaisergebirge Wall, which was a good climb that increased in both difficulty and exposure. Apparently, Kaisergebirge Wall is a much fallen off climb, but not today. At the crux, the holds were not obvious from below, which made it the crux – launch up delicately!

We then climbed Wind, which takes a steep crack-line and is described as a stiff test-piece. It definitely required good footwork, as well as strength and tenacity. It was another good climb, but was completely different to Kaisergebirge Wall.

After Wind, we climbed Karwendel Wall, which was another devious route, especially in its upper reaches, where an obvious rising traverse line is followed with difficulty. Again good footwork was essential.

All three climbs (Kaisergebirge Wall, Wind, & Karwendell Wall) are concentrated within a few metres of each other and are said to have a stiff grading tradition. Do the climbs on Clogwyn y Grochan have a stiff grading tradition? Maybe, but I can’t be sure.

Andy McQue, Kaisergebirge Wall,
Clogwyn y Grochan, Llanberis Pass