Awesome Walls Climbing Centre (AWCC), Liverpool

I’ve recently climbed at Awesome Walls Climbing Centre (AWCC), Liverpool. It is situated in St Albarns, which first opened as a church in 1849, to eventually close its doors to worshippers in 1991. The doors were reopened to a new type of worshippers in 1999. Cool, so let’s go climbing.

Because the centre is based in a lofty, old church, you can lead climb to the rafters, or stand watching from below with a cup of tea. I opted to boulder, however. There are several bouldering areas (The Crypt, The Featured Bouldering Wall, The Stepped Wall, The Bouldering Cave, and the Traverse Walls) that will get you strong.

The Crypt

After a reasonable warm-up, I started with the lower grades, and worked upwards, to eventually climb a V5/V6 problem. I was quite happy with that, and climbed the same route for at least  another five climbs. I wasn’t sure if I was performing good technique, or merely pulling with both my forearms and fingers. Anyhow, I then moved on to a V7/V8 boulder problem, but could only climb to half-height. I could expand into a lot of detail here, but haven’t. No excuses, but my hands were trashed at this point! I was content and could sense progress. This signalled the end of the day. I can't believe I am not trying harder.

Music Playlist: Radiohead - Everything in its right place