Esgair Maen Gwyn (Scimitar Ridge), Llanberis Pass

Scimitar Ridge has a prominent steep flank that is littered with hard climbs. It probably goes unnoticed every day. The climbing on the steep flank is both technical and complex, with one of the striking lines being 'King Wad', which takes a flying arête. Also, which may be of interest, is the Scimitar ridge proper, which can be climbed at grade severe. Despite Scimitar Ridge being a single-pitch climbing venue, it is in a mountain setting, being perched above a steep moraine (unconsolidated debris from an old moving glacier), and should therefore not be underestimated. 

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Scimitar Ridge

Esgair Maen Gwyn (Scimitar Ridge)

Scimitar Ridge

Main Flank of Scimitar Ridge, Llanberis Pass