Self-discovery is everything and more

Dissent - Should they (National Mountain Centres, Corporate Mountain Expeditions, & Sponsored Individuals of Sorts) be allowed into the mountains?

For some people, life in the mountains is perhaps not always the dolce vita, as many people may think. It could be quite the reverse. There may be material advantage at a cost - the cost of personal freedom. Have some people traded in their freedoms?

John Krakauer once stated: “Some climbers have sued their guides when the summit eluded them.” *

Truth, it could be argued, does not make a man unfree - It only makes him unpopular.

Self-discovery is everything and more -  Reinhold Messner - 'Messner'

Andrew McQue - Climbing and Mountaineering and Exploring - Reinhold Messner

* Reinhold Messner, 'All 14 Eight-thousanders' (page 169)