Winter Training

It has been a tough week as the weather in the UK has been unfavorable. I had planned to have another attempt at speed-soloing Tryfan, but strong winds and rain prevailed in the latter part of the week.

In stead, I’ve been training on the bouldering wall. The training sessions were short, but intense (4 x 1hr bouldering sessions). 

Both types of training (speed-soloing & bouldering) are opposing/different in nature, and it will be interesting to see how they evolve in an conjoined training program. Climbing is not a cardiovascular sport, but this is not to say that cardiovascular training should be discounted entirely. In this way, both aerobic and anaerobic training can be utilized. These words are experimental.

Nevertheless, I am prepared to adapt. As a minimum, I'm looking forward to a winter season of training.

Bouldering Wall

Weather conditions in the UK