Craig Pant Ifan, Tremadog

The Pant Ifan upper tier is a compact cliff with rock that is rough and grippy.

Pant Ifan Upper Tier

Today, we (Alun, Ritchie, Vinny, & I) climbed MadogVS 4cMistook VS 4c, Rammer’s Route, VS 5a, Quatre Fois Direct, VS 4c& Meirionydd, E1 6a.

Above: Vinny climbing Rammer's Route, VS 5a

Above: Ritchie climbing Quatre Fois Direct, VS 4c

Above: Alun climbing Rammer's Route, VS 5a

Above: Vinny climbing Meirionydd, E1 6a

Above: Vinny climbing Quatre Fois Direct, VS 4c