Holyhead Mountain

I’ve been climbing with Alun, Steve, and Owen at Holyhead Mountain.

To begin, Steve and Alun climbed Tension, VS 4b , whilst Owen and I climbed the aesthetic line of Black and Tan, VS 4c .

Afterwards, Steve and Owen went on to climb project Branflake, E2 5b , whilst Alun and I climbed Lost Hope, HS 4b , followed by Rock and Ice, HS 4a .

There was a fresh northerly wind today, but because of the southerly aspect of the crags, we were sheltered. There were sunny spells for most of the day, with some cloud cover late in the afternoon. I have been utilizing the Weather Station, courtesy of Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organization.

Taking everything into account, it was a pleasant day.

Above: Steve climbing Tension, which breaks out left. In the same photograph, the line of Black and Tan follows the right diagonal crack, below the slanting roof feature.

Above: The view from Holyhead Mountain